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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News 430 AM  ABC  February 15, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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and delays. barbara: good morning, carolina, welcome on monday february 15, 27 degrees at 4:30. i'm barbara gibbs. john: i'm john clark. we will check with first alert meteorologist don schwenneker for the latest but first we have up-to-the-minute with closings and delays. wake county, durham, chapel hill carrboro closed. barbara: orange, i think comb. anyone, granville. mecklinburg, person, vance and warren county schools all close want. john: two-hour chat lamp, clinton. halifax, harnett, hoke, johnstoners lee, moore, ropbtsz and wilson county. we have a complete list of closings and tkhraeuls as there is a link on the home page. barbara: time for weather and traffic. we begin with meteorologist don schwenneker in the first alert storm center. don: good morning to you. we will talk first about the warnings that we have going on. we have winter storm warning
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p.m. tonight for orange county, alamance and person county. they could get one to three inches of snow. we have winter weather advisory the rest of the area in purple. that runs until 1:00 this afternoon where you will see a wintry mix, could see snow, sleet or freezing rain then all rain into the afternoon. radar? live look at first first and on the most powerful radar in the carolinas we've got some snow working through. we are seeing a boundary build on this southern edge right here. here is the boundary as it runs into it. it is lifting into it and that is where we see snowflakes in durham, northern wake to louisburg. not much in southern wake and favorite not much. you may see a snowflake or two. temperatures everybody in the below freezing, 23 roxboro, 25
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25 goldsboro and 30 in fayetteville. a look at the wind chills, not effecting snow but it is cold. into the teens through the northern counties down into the 20's in the southern counties. looking at the day ahead 27 now and cloudy. we have snow being reported and sleet. by lunchtime that wintry mix continuing although more rain to the south. by this afternoon everybody sees a change to rain and temperatures climb. temps up tonight into tomorrow. we will talk about that in the complete forecast in a bit. now we talk traffic with amber rupinta. amber: could be an interesting monday. this is i-85 and if you look on some of the grassy surfaces and median you can see white. it is starting to stick to those surfaces. the roads are doing ok for now. it is early and just starting to come down on i-85 so we will keep you posted through the
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we will check another camera and you see the difference. 440 and capital boulevard is the second camera. taking a peek out at conditions in wake county. it looks like it is still dry there. then we can look live into fayetteville fayetteville. riley and morganton. this looks cold but we will keep you posted as the precip moves in. on the road weather index all the white is where you might see snow starting to mix in and anywhere you see pink is where it could be a little bit of ice. zooming a little closer, durham, leesville, wake forest, north raleigh seeing a little snow coming down. barbara: thank you. welcome back. john: while we are waiting for went weather snow is on the ground in roxboro. barbara: we have two counties under winter storm warning.
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inches fell before tapering off. we have reports of about a half inch on the roads and conditions are deteriorating as you see. more snow is expected this morning and that is why schools are closed in person county today. john: let's see what is happening in the triangle's largest county. barbara: wake county public schools closed so no school bus out. gloria rodriguez is live in breaking news one. how are they looking right now, the roads, gloria? good morning. gloria: good morning. it sis dry and that can change later on. take a look outside. we are on 40 east near rocky mount and if you look at your screen you will see the brine on the roads. d.o.t. have placed more than 111,000 gallons of brine in wake and durham county this weekends. 70 trucks much out on the roads in wake county and 20 contractor
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the governor's office released a statement asking people to follow the forecast. so, although it looks ok outside right now, later on we could start to see slick roads. so we will continue to monitor the roads for you and bring you the latest. live in breaking news one, gloria rodriguez, abc 11 eyewitness news. john: thank you, gloria. barbara: now to durham county. john: a second wave falling this morning and anthony wilson is there with the current conditions. good morning, anthony. anthony: good morning, john. we are in downtown durham where snow is falling and sticking. the streets have been brined earlier but we are still in the early stages of this. anybody who has any business downtown -- we are going past the carolina theatre -- it
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point but as you know the later it gets, the colder it gets, things could freeze. it is just very pretty right now. we will keep an eye on things throughout the day and let you know how conditions go. we will keep you informed as we roll through the entire city and county of durham, possibly in orange county where we expect to have snow, keeping an eye on that for you and making sure you know what is ahead. if you don't have to drive through this, we recommend that you don't. that's it for now from the storm chaser. key an eye on us and we will make sure you are informed about conditions in the durham and orange county area. john: even our southern counties are not being spared this time. fayetteville under that winter weather advisory. barbara: nicole carr is on alert there. what is happening where you are, nicole? good morning.
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barbara. not much happening in cumberland county but the in famousfamous fountain here in downtown always tells you how cold it is. it is definitely chilly but we don't have anything falling from the sky and no problems on the roadways and probably won't see anything until later in the morning if won't he get anything at all. the good news is it is a teacher workday and the kids are out for presidents day so should away get anything the students won't be impacted. there's not a lot of traffic that we would be trying to avoid on the roadways this morning. we will keep an eye out and if things start to fall, if things get a little wintry, we will move around town and let you know what is going on. for now it is good. back to you from downtown fayetteville. john: 4:38 and coverage just getting started. barbara: we will check the conditions at the airport coming up. and the governor's advice during this winter event.
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from the first alert storm center. don: good morning. as you head out we have dry conditions across the region in spots. other spots seeing some snow work through. as we go to break you see the bulk of the white to the north. virginia being pounded with snow
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we will talk about what is don: welcome back. weather and traffic together this morning. you will see a wintry mix on the drive in especially from triangle north. down south you may see more freezing rain in the sand hills. allow lots of extra time and pack patterns because roads are going to get worst. just 21 south hill right now, 23 all snow there.
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28 smithfield. basically all snow if you are seeing it. then down national sand hills lumber ton closer to -- lumberton 1. we have cloudy skies and sleet being reported right now at r.d.u. by lunchtime we are around 30 and could see the wintry mix. this afternoon we will see all this wintry weather replaced by rain. temps go up overnight. we will have that in the complete forecast but nobody we've traffic. amber: some schools have canceled or delayed and hopefully that keeps the volume down as we see the wintry mix coming down. first we are seeing in around the do you recall area, -- durham area, this is i-85 and n.c. 86. you see on the overpass what is going on. starting to stick to some grassy surfaces and medians. right now it is still decent on many of the roadways so that
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this wintry mix moving into the area. on the road weather index you will see a lot of colors. white is where you can see snow this morning. pink is where you could see ice. you can see especially 40, pitts boro heading east and sanford dealing with some icy conditions as well around that area. we will keep you posted. there's been cancellations already at r.b.u. so check your flights. john: governor mccrory issuing a statement ahead of the winter storm. he says the state emergency response team is closely monitoring the weather and he is asking residents to pay attention to the forecast and follow any instructions from local officials. meantime, the governor says state troopers are patrolling. barbara: crews at raleigh-durham airport are working to keep the runways and taxiways clear. as of last night about a dozen
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check flight status. we will talk with airport officials for keeping r.d.u. open at 6:00 and your trip on schedule. first alert weather app is your personal tour. download it and see the precipitation and you will be notified of any watches or warnings assured they develop. john: you are watching team coverage of the winter storm. barbara: coming up we have live pictures from durham and breaking news one in downtown. you see the snow has been falling the last half hour or 45 minutes. john: the death fof ant continue
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redistricting barbara: welcome back. 4:46 and 27 degrees on monday morning. a winter weather advisory in effect and winter storm warning for roxboro and orange counties and we have live team coverage from across the viewing area. these are two mobile units on the roads. many schools closed or delayed because of the storm. wake county, durham public and chapel hill and carrboro closed. barbara: also closed orange county, edgecombe. franklin, granville. mecklinburg, person, vance and warren. john: schools on a two-hour delay include chatham. halifax halifax, harnett. lee, phaorbgs robinson, wayne and wilson. we have a complete list of closings and delays at and that link sun to the home page -- link is on the home page. barbara: a fire before 3:00 on
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they got out safely. looks like damage was detained to the attic. two tkuplts and five children -- adults and five children are with family. there will be no autopsy of ant continue scalia at the request of his family. he died in his sleep during a hunting trip to texas. went to bed friday night and was found unresponsive the next day. his body is on the way to virginia. scalia was a leading conservative voice on the high court. his death is starting a major political battle over his successor. barbara: justice scalia's death could impact the battle over the north carolina congressional ma'am. earlier this month federal judges two voting districts unconstitutional claiming race played a role in the creation. the staeutte state appealed. scalia's death makes it less likely it will be heard. a special hearings is scheduled to get feedback on how new maps
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a trip home for three teenagers in cumberland county turned into a cold and scary ordeal. they became stuck on a peninsula in a swampy area. hope mills police say a shortcut home led to them being stranded. firefighters cut a path out as far as they could and threw ropes to them. they are all back on dry ground doing ok and warming up this morning. john: time is 4:48. a look at weather and traffic on this presidents holiday for many. don: good a lot of folks have the day off because they are going to see some nasty weather this morning. looking at the winter weather advisories i want to cover them across the region. you see the winter storm warnings, that is the area to the north in person, orange and alamance counties that run through 9:00. it has been updated and that is in effect as we go through the afternoon now until 7:00.
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hold on a little longer and then down south the winter weather advisory until 1:00 thenou see a warm push of air. heaviest snow northeastern chatham and durham county and rocky mount to louisburg heavier snow. south we are seeing pockets of sprinkles work through. they will be freezing rain or sleet down into cumberland county. a live look on our first alert campia into downtown raleigh. 25 right now and reports of sleet at r.d.u. dew point is 16, 69% humidity. we will see that work its way up. looking into durham, some snowflakes and raindrops on the lens. 23 with a northeast wind 13 miles an hour. numbers from across the region, everybody in the 20's and below freezing except fayetteville at 30. 26 siler city, 25 chapel hill. 28 smithfield. 25 goldsboro, 26 wilson, 23 up
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wintry mix around and you can see the line of heavyier snow but we see there band and south this mixed precipitation. into south carolina not much going on. we will see a push of warmer air as we go through the day and there rain and snow gets replaced by this is 8:00 this morning, the model starts to mix sleet and freezing rain into this. then toward lunchtime notice it really lessens. i think by 2:00 we will have hit-or-miss showers and mainly rain, mainly rain tonight. temperatures going up in the overnight hours and then as we go into tomorrow morning 6:00 tomorrow morning heavy rain working through. tomorrow we could have a rumble of thunder and through the day tomorrow that pushes out. by lunchtime we have a few spotty showers and in the afternoon we should see sunshine through the day on tuesday. today how much will we see? one to three inches in the northern counties of snow. through wake county less than an
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could see snow, sleet or freezing rain mixing in. down south we have the freezing rain and mixed precipitation that will change quickly to rain so i don't think you will see much in the way of accumulation. you may see icing before the warmer air comes in and it turns to rain. this low pressure to the west we are seeing the warm front and we are on the boundary of the warm and cold air. this is the low pulling east tomorrow and we will see clouds moving out through tuesday. today expect cloudy skies and wintry mix. by lunchtime we will push it near 3. this afternoon we see rain changing over to rain and winds will pick up, too with gusts around 30 miles an hour. by tonight temperatures across the region a wintry mix and warming. 36 in siler city. 40 smithfield. down south 40's and wintry mix will change to all rain.
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up north snow changing to wintry mix through the day. tonight any rain changing to sleet and rain, warmer temperatures moving through, 42 raleigh, 44 fayetteville. first alert seven-day forecast powered by accuweather, tomorrow temperatures back into the 50's, 20 degrees warmer tomorrow and we will see rain. a rumble of thunder. wednesday 55, thursday 51, friday 53. 60's for the wind. remember how december was warm and winter was here. now we will have winter here and then springtime. barbara: i can deal with that. don: i don't know if it will stick around. amber: this morning roxboro we always say it is so different there. that is the case this morning. it is really snow covered in roxboro on the roads. this is our storm chaser sending become live pictures -- sending
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definitely keep that in mind. we have it working for us but it is presidents day so a lot of businesses were closed already and now a lot of schools are closed so that will hopefully keep the volume down to a minimum because as don said it will get worse later this afternoon as it switches to ice. meantime on the d.o.t. cameras we have the same situation around our viewing area in durham, orange county. wake county is still pretty dry. this is 540 around 540 and capital. it looks like there might be a disabled vehicle there. 540 is still in pretty dry shape. on the road weather index we have at lot of colors. so white is where in is snowy and pink is where it can be icy. sanford, spite of have i's corner and fiorina -- fuquay-varina you may satisfy icy conditions.
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roads for yourself to see how things are. drive times are on time right now because it is early and volume is light. and we are accident free an all the majors but that is subject to change as this wintry precipitation is heading our way. back to you. john: thanks, amber. barbara: 27 degrees and 4:54. we are not the only ones dealing with another winter storm. john: how it played into this pile-up. barbara: peyton manning named in
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geico for your boat. see how much you could save. (coughing) coughing disrupts everyone's life. that's why there's delsym. delsym's advanced time release formula helps silence coughs for a full 12 hours. all night... or all day. john: more news now three are dead after this massive pile-up
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64 vehicles were caught in a contain reaction crash on i-78. drivers say it was near whiteout conditions. barbara: super bowl winning quarterback peyton manning is among athletes cited in a women. the details coming from espn. the group alleges university of tennessee violated title ix regulations and created a hostile sexual environment. 9 96 incident involving manning and a female athletic trainer. he was never charged. john: a winter storm moving in. barbara: coming up live team coverage from around the viewing area that shows you conditions live on the road. this right now is i-540 near six forks road. you see some freezing rain and snow. john: download the first alert
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changing john: happening now we are in first alert mode. many schools closed and commute could be tricky as the wintry weather moves in. our breaking news vehicles are out. barbara: slick roads leading to there crash. amber rupinta is in the traffic center tracking trouble spots. john: air travel impacted. an update on cancellations at r.d.u. fplt good morning, carolina, welcome on february 15. i'm john clark. barbara: i'm barbara gibbs. thank you for joining us. we are in first alert mode with live team coverage. we have live crews spread out


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